October 10, 2014: Author’s Luncheon – Scales to Scalpels with Dr. Lisa Wong

June 5, 2014

Scales to Scalpels: Doctors Who Practice the Healing Arts of Music and Medicine
Friday, October 10, 2014 ~ 12:30 – 2:30 pm
Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, NJ

Wong, Lisa 2You may have read about the Longwood Symphony orchestra (LSO) in the paper or heard them on your favorite radio station. But the LSO is not just any orchestra. It began in 1982 with a group of talented Boston-area physicians, med students and health-care professionals and has since flourished under the leadership of violinist Dr. Lisa Wong, who became president of the LSO in 1991.

In Scales to ScalpelsSCALES to scalpels cover high res, Dr. Wong chronicles how the musical acumen of these physicians affects the way they administer healing and, in turn, how their work affects their music. What cognitive and emotional shifts occur when a surgeon transitions from the chaos of the ER to the discipline of the orchestra rehearsal studio? What’s it like to make a house call to a poor neighborhood in the morning and then play trumpet in a jazz group that night? Does music heal the doctors the way the doctors heal their patients? How does practicing the art of music transform the art of practicing medicine?

Copies of Dr. Wong’s book, Scales to Scalpels, will be available for purchase.

If you would like to attend or have a question about the luncheon, please call the Orchestra office at 908-226-7300 and listen to the voice message.

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