Dr. Saul Feinberg, Maestro Maull’s Mentor

September 29, 2014

At our Patrons’ Dinner last April, we honored Dr. Saul Feinberg with our inaugural Break Through Classical Music Award.  This recognition is given to an exceptional music educator who has impacted students and colleagues with a unique, outside-the-box approach to teaching and ability to deeply connect people to classical music. Dr. Feinberg, a teacher and mentor to thousands of students, made the teaching of music listening the focus of his academic career, primarily while working at Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia. By the 1960’s he became a nationally recognized figure in music aesthetic pedagogy. Through his method, the invisibility of music is transformed into palpable and understandable listening roadmaps.

So what is the connection between Dr. Feinberg and The Discovery Orchestra?

The Discovery Orchestra teaches the listening skills that help people emotionally connect with classical music. Artistic Director George Marriner Maull’s passion for teaching music listening was ignited by Dr. Feinberg, his teacher and mentor for over 50 years. Maestro Maull and the orchestra have carried forward Dr. Feinberg’s educational legacy by presenting guided live concerts, educational television shows, and online tutorial videos.

Dr. Feinberg shares his thoughts on perceptive music listening in the following video.


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