Chat Index and Helpful Hints

Here at The Discovery Orchestra, we teach the listening skills to help you emotionally connect to classical music.

One of the ways we do this is through our Discovery Orchestra Chats – short, free music listening “lessons” posted each week on our website and on our YouTube channel.

Our Chats are categorized on our website – you can search for Chats that have to do with music elements (rhythm, melody, texture harmony, dynamics, timbre, form, style),  musical styles (classical or jazz), composers, or featured instruments.  If you hover over the Chat Videos drop-down on our website, you can easily select the category you are interested in.  The search box on the left side of the website may also be useful!

Educators – we invite you to use our Chats in the classroom! The drop-down list of musical categories makes it convenient to incorporate these videos into lesson plans.

If you want to see a complete list  of our Chats, an index is listed below, along with a link to that Chat on our website.