Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

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Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – a cherished, classical masterpiece!

The Discovery Orchestra and Conductor/Host George Marriner Maull will captivate you with Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, our two-hour public television program featuring violin soloist Peter Winograd.  This pair of Discovery Concerts®, now available on DVD, are interactive, entertaining and educational.

“I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the hour…It was informative and inspiring.”
Bill Moyers

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons but, while watching the Discovery Orchestra’s performance, I actually ‘listened’ to it for the very first time. What an incredible experience. Thank you for the insight and entertainment that you bring to these masterpieces.”

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Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons List of Funders

Maestro Maull helps you discover how the descriptive sonnets Vivaldi wrote in the score are revealed in musical detail.  Using the supplied listening guide, a printed “roadmap” for the music, you will be able to see exactly what to listen for.    After the interactive exploration with the live audience, the piece is played straight through. This provides an opportunity for you and the live audience to enjoy a very focused listening experience.

Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was taped on May 19, 2012 at the acoustically magnificent Concert Hall at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.  Both one-hour programs (Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) are currently airing on American Public Television stations nationwide.

We are thrilled to announce that Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is the recipient of three Telly Awards – one in the cultural programming category, one in the educational programming category and a People’s Telly!

Download Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Listening Guide – Large Print

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