Listen and Learn

We are big fans of listening to music – that is, giving your undivided attention to the music during the listening process.  To help you along, we’ve got the market on something called a Listening Guide.  So what exactly is a Listening Guide?

Each patron at our Discovery Concerts is provided with one – it’s a printed “visual roadmap” describing what to listen for during the piece of music being performed.  A  “picturization” of the score that can be followed along enabling the listener to become more aware of the details in the music.

Even though you are not at a Discovery Concert, you can still participate!

We’re beginning to share our Listening Guides here, and we even suggest audio and video clips of music to pair the Guide with so you can follow along.  Our Listening Guides are available for both individual use and for educators to use in the classroom.  The cost is  $4.99 for individual use, and $9.99 for an institutional license (unlimited number of copies can be made). More Listening Guides are being made available monthly – so take a look!