Fall in Love with Music Funders

We are grateful to the following individuals and institutions for partnering with us to help produce the Fall in Love with Music Series. These supporters and friends are helping to expand the reach of this course from thousands of participants to millions of viewers. Thank you!

Sponsors ($10,000+)
Ms. Jean Burgdorff
Ms. Judy Musicant & Mr. Hugh Clark, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Dee
Mr. & Mrs. James Gillen
Mr. Michael J. Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. George Marriner Maull
The Robert Mills Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. William O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Sterling L. Pierson
The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
Mr. & Mrs. David Williams

Partners ($5,000-$9,999)
The Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation
The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Neill
Judy & Josh Weston

Champions ($2,000-$4,999)
New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA)
Ms. Sassona Norton
The George A. Ohl, Jr. Charitable Trust
Ms. Gail Whiting & Mr. John Schuler

Benefactors ($1,000-$1,999)
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Clark
Dr. Robert T. Walsh

Patrons ($500-999)
Mr. Mark Biedron
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Matlack
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Milanese
Dr. Clelia Biamonti & Mr. Adam Psichos

Contributors ($250-499)
Mr. Henri Bour
James & Theresa Gallagher
Mrs. Miriam Hassell
Ms. Virginia Johnston
Dr. Jean Merrill & Dr. Douglas Munch
Marotta Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Dr. Vina Isaac & Dr. Williams Powers
Ms. Elise van Stolk

Friends ($100-$249)
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Bross
Mr. & Mrs. Frank DiMaggio
Dr. & Mrs. Frank Gump
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hammer
Mr. & Mrs. Barnett Kreger
Dr. Christiane Oster & Dr. Manfred Oster
Dr. Vina Isaac & Dr. William Powers
Ms. Barbara Sarsony
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Tolbert

Donors (Under $100)
Anonymous (2)
Ms. Simona Rivkin & Mr. Ted Baker
Ms. Jennifer Becker
Dr. & Mrs. George A. Blewitt
Mr. Dave Emmerling
Ms. Caitlin Haughey
Ms. Susan Head
Mr. Frank Hopp
Ms. Melanie Lester
Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Mina
Ms. Phyllis Murphy
Ms. Annette Radick
Mr. Stephen Reynolds
Mr. Dave Rimelis
The Schoenknecht Family
Ms. Carlyn Smith
Rebecca & Ron Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Stahl
Ms. Charlene Step