Our Mission

The Discovery Orchestra® teaches the listening skills that help people emotionally connect with classical music.

Our Vision

The Discovery Orchestra is dedicated exclusively to teaching individuals and larger audiences how to listen to classical music, differentiating the Orchestra from other professional symphony orchestras and institutions that focus on the performance of classical music. The Discovery Orchestra continues to transform the listening experience for millions of people—from students and curious classical novices to experienced concertgoers and professional educators—with its highly praised “Discovery” focus and format. Nationally televised Discovery Concerts, DVDs, social media and other new media are supplemented by live programs that are presented in concert halls, private homes, schools and community centers in New Jersey. Teacher guides and other aids make programs such as YouTube Discovery Chats a convenient and distinctive resource for educators to use in classroom and lesson settings.

The Discovery Orchestra, under Founder and Artistic Director George Marriner Maull, is leading a movement to inspire an interest in classical music listening. Maestro Maull’s innovative and verified teaching methodology makes the Orchestra’s programs widely accessible. Intern programs help to ensure our enduring reach and influence. Regardless of age, geographic location, education or economic status, participants say The Discovery Orchestra experience has transformed their listening and enhanced their lives. The Discovery Orchestra will become a national model of how music listening is taught.

About The Discovery Orchestra – Transforming Listening, Enhancing Lives

The Discovery Orchestra teaches the listening skills that help people emotionally connect with classical music.  In today’s fast-paced world, we believe in the power of listening to help people reconnect with each other – and themselves. And we know that listening to and noticing all the delicious details of classical music can touch deep emotional chords and create meaningful, memorable experiences.  Since 1996,  Artistic Director George Marriner Maull and the orchestra have helped audiences discover “Aha!” classical music moments through guided live concerts, television shows, and online tutorial videos.

The ubiquitous presence of music in our society trains most people to hear music as a background to activities such as dining, driving, reading, texting, etc.  Time devoted to classical music appreciation is rare in American homes and, for decades now, absent from most school curriculums, leaving several generations without experiencing how enjoyable and engaging classical music can be.  The Discovery Orchestra reaches audience members of all ages – from novices to classical fans – through live, media and online platforms, and actively connects them with this music in transformative new ways.

The orchestra was founded in 1987 as the Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey, a professional ensemble presenting symphonic concerts.  Beginning with our first Discovery Concert® in 1996, and culminating with our name change in 2006, our primary public programs are now orchestral and chamber music performances combined with interactive instruction.

The Discovery Orchestra serves New Jersey and the tri-state region through these live offerings: Discovery Concerts, Discover More Music Sessions, Intimate Afternoon and Evening In-Home Chamber Music Recitals, Fall in Love with Music Listening Courses, and Community Outreach programs for underserved youth.  Nationally, we annually reach hundreds of thousands – now totaling millions – of viewers through broadcasts and sales of our public television programs: Bach to the Future (Emmy nomination); Discover Beethoven’s 5th (Emmy nomination & 3 Telly Awards) and Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Emmy Nomination & 3 Telly Awards).  We also reach audiences through our weekly Discovery Orchestra Chat videos on YouTube, and we regularly communicate with music listeners worldwide on other social media platforms.

The Discovery Orchestra receives support from businesses, corporations, foundations, individuals and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.  It is a priority to provide free and/or discount tickets to underserved constituents for most of our programs.  We invite you to connect with us at www.DiscoveryOrchestra.org or contact us at 973-379-2200.

Our Core Values

Integrity: in the pursuit of artistic and educational excellence, financial stewardship and relationships.

Transformation: by improving lives through knowledge and experiences.

Accessibility: by bringing The Discovery Orchestra programs to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; and breaking down barriers to classical music.

Innovation: in the use of unique program formats, communication methods and product distribution.

Inspiration: in the fostering of emotional connections to and communal enthusiasm for classical music.