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The importance of partnerships in life cannot be overstated.  Starting with our domestic partners sometimes known as spouses, best friends, colleagues in our careers and perfect strangers who wind up…

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George Maull, Come On Down!

When I met my wife Marcia Blackstone – we just celebrated the 42nd anniversary of our first date – her considerable accomplishments as a pianist were on full display.  In…

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COVID and the Sound of Silence in Music Education

Tricia Tunstall, former Orchestra Trustee and current Ambassador, is our Guest Blogger for February. Tricia is a leading advocate for the importance of music and arts education, and a global…

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Navigating A New Reality

Written by violinist Cecelia Hobbs Gardner, who has played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey/Discovery Orchestra since our very first concert in 1988 – including our American Public Television…

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Five Animals At A Time

We know that Noah brought the animals on board the ark two by two, but at The Discovery Orchestra we had something else in mind on October 29th. In collaboration…

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Full Circle

Guest blogger Stephen Browne, filling in for Maestro Maull! When I was six years old, a couple months shy of seven, my parents decided to take me to one of…

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Stumbled upon this quite by accident on our Maryland PBS station. What a joy! Firebird is my favorite piece of music and your wonderful program just enhanced my appreciation of Stravinsky’s genius. Thank you and keep up your great work of feeding our souls!

— Discover The Firebird TV Viewer


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