What People Are Saying

What people are saying

"I can't express how much my children and I loved the Discovery Orchestra - not only enjoyed the wonderful music, but also experienced the beauty of music by imaginations guided through the conductor!  My children also learned the special language spoken by music through the educational explanations!"

 -Haixiao Chen

“Lovely channel! Very smart concept and I couldnt agree more - the details and nuances that a musically inclined person notice makes music a whole different thing. It goes from relaxing background music to something of marvellous power, meaning and beauty. Very glad to have found your channel!

-Karl Nerman

 “I’ve been a professional musician all my life, yet coming to your events these past years, I never fail to learn something new about the music!”

- Discover More Ravel Attendee

Marvelous job, Maestro, as always! Thank you for doing such a splendid, insightful and careful deep-dive into the art and craftsmanship that Tchaikovsky, after much effort, put into creating this work. There really is no greater portrayal of young love in music than his Romeo and Juliet, and your thoughtfulness demonstrates it so admirably.

— Chat Video Listener


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