Notes From Under The Piano

Outdoor Concerts

Are you aware of all the extra drama going on behind the scenes at outdoor concerts?  Find out in this new episode! Notes from Under the Piano is available on your…

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That’s My Son!

Maestro Maull’s father was totally unafraid to talk to perfect strangers – how did this play out during a concert at the New Jersey Statehouse? Notes from Under the Piano is…

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The Good News

At Abraham Lincoln High School, which Maestro Maull attended in the 1960’s, not a peep of student noise came from the classroom of Dr. Saul Feinberg’s “Perceptive Listening Class”.  How…

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What is Maullaria?

When, and where, did this term first appear?  Do you have it?  If you have an intense emotional response to classical music then you may! Notes from Under the Piano…

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The Opening Chord

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with a very basic question: Why do some people listen – that is, give music their undivided attention as opposed to just hearing it…

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“THANK YOU for providing our Rhythms for Life students the exposure to such an awesome event! [Discover The Firebird]…A mother of 3 of our students said she could listen to the concert ‘a hundred more times…it was unbelievable! The girls and I totally enjoyed it.’ We are so thankful for the wonderful experience.”

— Cheryl Outlaw, Morris County Chapter-The Links, Inc. (Outreach Partner)


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