Notes From Under The Piano

Conductor Humor

Conductors notoriously take themselves too seriously, and orchestra personnel have never been shy about putting conductors in their place.  Find out how orchestral musicians express their conductor humor! Notes from…

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The Invisibility of Music

What makes an invisible art form like music visible?  What helps you stay present with the music as it invisibly progresses through real time?   Learn about “Blueprints” and “Listening Guides”…

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The Sound of Silence

No, not the Simon & Garfunkel hit from 1964! How do “rests” or silences placed by composers in music have a profound effect on listeners?  Feel the emotional impact of…

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A Day in the Life of a Pair of Violists

Are audiences aware of the many mini-dramas that may be unfolding on stage during a performance?  Maestro Maull shares a funny and real story from his days in the Louisville…

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The More We Perceive…The More We Receive

What happens when you give something your undivided attention? A chance to perceive more!  How did a visit to Africa illustrate this? Notes from Under the Piano is available on your…

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Outdoor Concerts

Are you aware of all the extra drama going on behind the scenes at outdoor concerts?  Find out in this new episode! Notes from Under the Piano is available on your…

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Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Firebird concert last Sunday! Not being very familiar with Stravinsky’s music, I guess I expected a lot of atonal sounds, but found the work exciting and challenging – aided greatly by the educational exercises Maestro Maull had us do. It was also great to see so many young people there – that is wonderful outreach you offer. Best wishes for another great season!

— Discover The Firebird attendee


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