Mar 29, 2018

Article by Maestro Maull on Thrive Global

Thrive Global

Seven Ways to Be More Present Using Music.

“A key tool in achieving a more mindful state.”

Music surrounds us during almost every activity. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, waiting at the dentist’s office or riding in an elevator, music is always around you. But ask yourself this, do you really listen to this music, or simply hear it? Chances are, you’re doing the latter.

Why is the distinction between hearing and really listening so important? For many of us, learning to listen intently or focusing our undivided attention on music can benefit many areas of our lives. As I’ve observed in thirty years of teaching active listening and classical music appreciation, when people begin to really listen to music, they are able to have an emotional and psychological connection with a piece. This connection can have tremendous benefits on mental health – not unlike those of meditation. For those of us looking to find balance in our fast-paced lives, I argue that music can be a key tool in achieving a more mindful state.

So how does one learn to be more present using music? I’ve outlined seven steps below to help you do just that.

  • Give yourself a fighting chance. Fighting and being present may seem incongruent or even incompatible, but they are actually not. Anyone who has mastered a martial art form will agree it is essential to be totally present while engaging in physical discipline. To be fully present, it is absolutely necessary to “disarm” by silencing electronic devices, cell phones and anything that may take your mind away from listening to music without distraction.

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