Aug 15, 2021

Maestro Maull Interview by Podium Time

Podium Time Podcast Interview: Teaching Your Audience to Listen with George Marriner Maull; listen at or whereever podcasts are found

Maestro Maull was recently interviewed by Jeremy Cuebas, Assistant Conductor, Fort Collins Symphony and Co-Host and Founder, Podium Time Podcast. Listen to the full interview at:


Highlights of the interview:

-The origin of the Discovery Orchestra, an orchestra that exclusively performs educational concerts.

-The format of the Discovery Concerts and how Maestro Maull teaches audiences how to listen to classical music.

-How learning to listen well through classical music enhances all the music that audiences listen to.

-The most effective pieces Maestro Maull has found for teaching audiences to listen.

-Maestro Maull’s closing advice, billboard, and hidden gems.