Apr 28, 2015


Just wondering. . .have you taken a look at our Discovery Orchestra Chats?

This YouTube project began several years ago out of a desire at The Discovery Orchestra to provide short, bite-sized explorations of the listening process. The topics have been varied but always are centered about one or more of the elements of music or RMTH-DTF as we like to call them – Rhythm, Melody, Texture, Harmony, Dynamics, Timbre and Form!

Since we began, we’ve posted 158 short videos, the trailers from two of our public television shows, and audience interview segments that have followed some of our live performances.

So I would just like to recommend to you some of the “top sellers” – not, since they are free for the viewing – hoping that you might take a look at some of the most popular videos in this growing collection. The list begins with chats that have been viewed more than 500 times climbing all the way to the Discover Beethoven’s 5th trailer – watched more than 5,000 times. Enjoy!

Chat 3 – Musical Paragraphs

Chat 59 – A Texture Quiz

Chat 14 – What’s An Ostinato?

Chat 2 – Change That Chord

Chat 19 – Stealing Time

Chat 16 – Chord Progressions

Chat 106 – A Taste of Mexico

Chat 1 – Ornaments

Chat 104 – Variation Form 3

Chat 102 – False Relationships

Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Chat 18 – How Fast Can You Play?

Discover Beethoven’s 5th