Jun 22, 2023

You’ve Heard It A Million Times

Inside Music Radio Show episode entitled You’ve Heard It A Million Times – But Have You Really Listened? featuring Pachelbel's Canon

You’ve Heard It A Million Times – But Have You Really Listened?  

Inside Music host George Marriner Maull looks into Pachelbel’s frequently encountered “Canon”. This work combines the musical device known as canon (think of a round like “Three Blind Mice”) with a recipe for writing music known as passacaglia, which features variations written over a repeating bass line. 

No one knows for sure when Johann Pachelbel, who died at the beginning of the 18th century in 1706, wrote what would become one of the most well-known and frequently performed pieces of classical music during the 21st century. In this episode Maestro Maull will focus on the “why” this music is enjoyed by so many.

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