Jul 9, 2012

Are You Feeling Blue?

Has something got you down? There are lots of reasons we can feel kind of low. There are economic downturns, romantic disappointments, accidents – feel free to fill in your own personal blank. But the adage “misery loves company” has a special musical solution. . .in American music!

America produced “The Blues” – an incredible musical art form. And if you’re wildly curious to understand it and learn all about the history of The Blues, I recommend without hesitation the PBS television series “The Blues.” There you will meet the seminal, creative musicians who contributed to the development of this American gift to music. The following link will take you to the designated PBS webs address that highlights the series: https://www.pbs.org/theblues/

Of course there is nothing like attending a live performance such as the one The Discovery Orchestra recently presented featuring the Robert Ross Band. But perhaps it is that you might like some musical company for your misery today – right now, this minute!

In that case, you need go no further than the mouse or touch pad on your computer. YouTube features an array of blues renditions tailor-made for your specific state of mind. If you’re not sure just why you’re feeling down, why not start out with a performance by one of my all-time favorite blues performers, B.B. King. Click on this link to “How Blue Can You Get” and (after the commercial) enjoy! https://bit.ly/ZS9EC You might find yourself unexpectedly perking up from being with B.B.!