Sep 14, 2016

Can You Feel the Vibes?


When I was in high school it was common to hear someone say: “That person has good vibes.” It was a compliment. ‘That person’ was emitting positive energy that could almost be physically experienced. Perhaps you have sensed this about certain individuals in your life. Maybe you are one of those individuals.

Physicists have told us – in fact, Albert Einstein said: “Everything in Life is Vibration.” That’s everything! If we could visually examine ‘solid’ objects around us – you know, objects like floorboards or rocks, as well as the more malleable ‘solid’ objects such as our skin – on an atomic level – we would be able to see that they are all vibrating! We are vibrating, and this undoubtedly accounts for our intense attraction to music!

Navajo mystic Joseph Rael said: “Inner listeners, or people who are continually listening to life as it unfolds, are true humans because they are picking up vibrational messages before the messages become crystallized energy or perceptual forms that can then be articulated by the brain. Sensitivity, then, is paramount in developing the ability to be a good listener.” (Being & Vibration, Joseph Rael with Mary Elizabeth Marlow, Millichap Books, 1993.)

Could not have said it better myself. Listening in the manner described by Joseph Rael is precisely the state we need to achieve when we encounter the music of Bach or Mozart or Beethoven or Chopin or Tchaikovsky or. . .

Joseph Rael also wrote: “Since people are made of sound, (emphasis mine) listening is important. It is through listening that you become a true human, and a true human is a listener who is constantly attuned by working with everything that is happening.”

Perceptive listening, as opposed to merely hearing, is not just essential for experiencing all the emotionally rich detail that music contains. Listening is essential for experiencing all that is life itself.