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What exactly IS Fall in Love with Music?   telly_site_bugs_bronze 2017

Based on the precepts and teaching strategies of his mentor, Dr. Saul Feinberg, Maestro Maull’s popular listening course, Fall in Love with Music, has been enjoyed by thousands of participants in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Kentucky in  live lecture and classroom settings over the past 35 years.  Fall in Love with Music, the television series, seen by over one million viewers nationwide since 2015, configures this four-hour course into eight 30-minute episodes for American Public Television.

Episode One – Our Musical Focus
Episode Two – Why Aren’t We Listening?
Episode Three – Is This Music?
Episode Four – The Elements Of Music
Episode Five – How Listening Affects Us
Episode Six – Paragraphs Without Words
Episode Seven – Leave It To Beethoven
Episode Eight – Putting It All Together

See a clip from the show:

The Discovery Orchestra mounted this production as a logical extension of the Orchestra’s mission: “To teach the listening skills that help people really connect with classical music.”  Board, staff, contributors and other stakeholders felt so strongly about producing this series that it became an integral part of The Discovery Orchestra’s 2014 Five-Year Strategic Plan.  It is our passionate desire to provide as many individuals as possible with tools that will enable them to develop a strong emotional connection with classical music as listener/appreciators.

This series will reach millions of households in major television markets across the United States and likely be seen by more than one million viewers over its 3-year public television run. Furthermore, licensed video streaming to schools, universities and libraries by our educational distributor, Films Media Group, will increase the number of younger viewers.

We are very grateful to our production company, Midnight Media Group, Inc, for all their expertise in bringing this production to fruition!  mmg

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