Mar 20, 2018

Did You Know?

We are indeed proud of our digital presence. . .especially of our four productions distributed by American Public Television (APT). Bach to the Future, our initial televised Discovery Concert, was recorded at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in the spring of 2002 and broadcast for the first time by public television affiliate WHYY in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day 2003. What an exciting day that was!

After the show was subsequently aired by WNET in New York City, WLIW on Long Island, NJN here in New Jersey and nominated for a 2004 Emmy, our producer Elise van Stolk submitted it to American Public Television for their review. And so began our long relationship with APT.

During the three-year national distribution of Bach to the Future by APT, our unique music listening lesson was seen by over one million viewers in cities and towns from coast to coast! And based on the favorable reception garnered by Bach to the Future, APT encouraged us to create additional shows with a promise to distribute them sight unseen. . .and we did.

There followed Emmy-nominated Discover Beethoven’s 5th (2012), Emmy-nominated Discover Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (2014), and our latest Telly Award winning 8-Part Series Fall in Love with Music, released in 2016. Each of these productions has in turn been viewed by more than a million viewers based on Nielsen ratings and APT carriage reports. In addition, many thousands of high school, college and university students have watched these programs digitally streamed into their classrooms by our New York based distributor, Films Media Group.

Here’s a tiny sample of the kind of feedback we’ve received over the years:

“I just watched your Discovery Concert here on PBS here in San Francisco. I always suspected something wonderful was involved in classical music, but no one ever explained it to me. This program made me feel that the kind host of a great feast had politely opened the door, and in spite of my ignorance, invited me to dine, allowing my ears and mind to meditate on the bounty. I was moved to tears.” Bach to the Future Viewer, San Francisco, California

“Robin and I watched it on WYCC. Wonderful job! Come to Chicago and show the Chicago Symphony Orchestra how it’s done!” Discover Beethoven’s 5th Viewer, Chicago, Illinois

“Amazing – I never cared for classical music until tonight! I’m looking forward to Part 2 next week!” Discover Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons Viewer, Portland, Oregon

“I’m using this series as part of my children’s home-school music appreciation curriculum. We watched episode one today. I was amazed they both had complete laser focus throughout. This is no small feat considering I have a thirteen-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl. Afterward they wanted to listen to the entire third movement of Bartok’s Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta! You are truly bringing the music to life for them, and I thank you!” Fall in Love with Music Viewer, Nashville, Tennessee

And locally. . .

“My ‘aha’ moment was that I was guilty of being one who only heard music as background. Now I see the benefit of truly listening with my undivided attention.” Discover Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons Viewer, Montvale, New Jersey

“Last night when we came home, Judith found your latest show on NJTV. It was fun, instructive, charming and important.” Fall in Love with Music Viewer Bill Moyers, New York, New York

Now here’s what you might not know. All four of our television productions may be watched on If you missed seeing the broadcasts on your local public television station, you can now view our programs anytime you wish. And if you are an Amazon Prime member – you can watch them for free!