Jan 13, 2015

Listeners Speak

What are people saying about The Discovery Orchestra? Find out in the Maestro's Blog "Listeners Speak".

“I took a course with E. Ray Sprenkle at Peabody about 15 years ago, and that man taught me to listen to Brahms and Dvorak with my soul, to understand sonata form, to peel music back like layers of an onion. Not only did I become able to experience things I never could before, I became able to experience things I never knew existed.” Jon L. Albee

“To experience things I never knew existed. . .” this is one of the rewards of becoming a perceptive music listener. This is why Dr. Sprenkle of the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Dr. Robert Greenberg of San Francisco, my mentor Dr. Saul Feinberg over his long career in the Philadelphia public school system, and organizations such as The Discovery Orchestra encourage, foster, cajole – do everything we humanly can to promote deep, attentive listening to classical music.

After all, if giving your undivided attention to some wordless music might precipitate your having some of the most earth shatteringly pleasurable emotional experiences of your life, would you not want to do this? Sadly, the answer for perhaps 95% of our country’s population is: “No,” but only because they don’t know that this is possible. It’s an idea that’s just “not on their radar screen.”

Thankfully, there are educators like Dr. Sprenkle, Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Feinberg who share this transformative knowledge – the power to “experience things we never knew existed” – with their students. For our part, The Discovery Orchestra has dedicated 100% of its resources to teaching people how to listen to classical music through our concerts, courses, public television shows and YouTube Discovery Orchestra Chats. And it’s working! Below are some comments from our concert and class attendees and our television audience now numbering in the millions.

“I thought I was just taking a course in music appreciation. This course changed my life.” Fall In Love With Music Class Graduate

“I have appreciated classical music for over 55 years – and, thanks to you, have finally learned how to listen and find even greater enjoyment in the music. ” Discovery Concert Attendee

“I must say I was very skeptical when you said that increasing one’s perception of detail would increase one’s listening pleasure. Truly, I now listen and notice so much more, and music is that much more beautiful. My emotions are far more heightened – which may not be a plus since I now lose all control when listening to music.” Fall In Love With Music Class Graduate

“Amazingly – I never cared for classical music until tonight! I’m looking forward to Part 2 next week!” Television Viewer

“As I sat writing checks, Bartok’s ‘Music for Strings Percussion and Celesta’ came on the radio. I actually stopped what I was doing and listened – something I would not have done in my life before!” Fall In Love With Music Class Graduate

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ but, while watching The Discovery Orchestra’s performance, I actually ‘listened’ to it for the very first time. What an incredible experience. Thank you for the insight and entertainment that you bring to these masterpieces.” Television Viewer

But why read comments when you can listen to our audience members speak for themselves! We invite you take five minutes and visit with some of those who attended our Laughing with Rossini Discovery Concert. Some are young, some older; one a professional musician, some new to classical music and others seasoned concertgoers. All agree – classical music is worthy of our undivided attention, our window into “experiencing things we never knew existed!”